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I live, work and play on the unceded territory of the Silyx Okangan Peoples. I thank them for their stewardship of these lands since time immorium


City of Kelowna Citizen of the Year 2020

A daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, grandmother and nun. I've lived in Kelowna since 2017 and although I am retired from active employment, I currently volunteer my time in the community for up to 40 hours each week. Some of my volunteer activities include:

  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul, President at local level, secretary at central BC level, secretary: National level Social Justice Committee, member of multiple committees including Safe, Secure and Affordable Housing for all: a Human Right; Guaranteed basic Income project, Indigenous Sharing Circle. Developing new housing at Ozanam House, a men’ recovery program

  • Invincible Housing: Special Project fully donor funded to provide rent supplements once per year per family to PREVENT homelessness

  • LECoH (Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness) a foundational pillar of the Journey Home Strategy, founding member, secretary, member of multiple sub committees,

  • Disruptive leadership program steering committee

  • Strata Council Secretary

  • Kelowna Raging Grannies: sing and speak for justice

  • Various roles in my faith community


In my professional career I worked as a chemist, nurse, social worker, nun, and an advocate.


I am passionate about finding an opportunity for all people to be productive members of society without stigma or barriers. This requires a basic, living income and a safe and secure place to call home. I strongly believe that we can build a safe community which includes the required opportunities that will allow those struggling with life challenges to move forward. I am also an advocate for creating a safe community for our most treasured and valued seniors. 


I live each day as a challenge. One of the most significant challenges of my lifetime was walking the second half of the traditional Camino in Spain in 2017 (that’s 322 kilometers!)

My Platform


Community Safety

  • Implement City of Kelowna community safety plan

  • Count down walk signals

  • More dedicated bike lanes

  • Improve street markings using glow paint

  • Safe, secure housing for those not involved with drugs/ alcohol

  • discharge planning from hospital

  • 24/7 PACT teams (Police and Crisis Teams)



  • Improve subsidies system

  • Zoning to accommodate tiny homes

  • Work with developers to create new and innovative designs/ modular housing

  • Work with neighborhood associations to find new and innovative solutions to the housing crisis

  • Ensure new neighborhoods have schools and parks as part of the development process without increasing property taxes



  • All new buildings to be built to highest environmental standards

  • Water Bottle filling stations year-round throughout the city using proven technologies

  • Improved planning for parks and open spaces

  • Ban plastics whenever possible

  • Require EV charging stations in all new developments


Kelowna, BC, Canada


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